Chef Westgate

Paul Westgate is an award-winning chef, a family man, and committed advocate for living a healthy lifestyle. Born in Iowa, Westgate says some of his fondest food memories come from his mother, also a chef. "Whether it was the pot roast every Sunday or the crazy experiments such as taffy pulling or making butter sculptures, everything my mother created was made with love.", says Westgate.

Westgate has received many awards for excellence throughout his culinary career. An avid traveler, Westgate has served as Executive Chef in fine dining establishments on the west and east coast of the United States. "Travelling is the intimate way to experience local cuisine. You haven't had lobster until you've had lobster on the east coast." Westgate brings those experiences back into his own culturally inspired masterpieces.

Westgate lives in Salt Lake City where before FitFood2You he worked as Sous Chef at the prestigious Alta Club under the mentorship of James Beard award winner Don Heidel. Westgate has also prepared dishes for Anthony Bourdain, Sen. Hatch, the Huntsman family and many of the Portland Trailblazers basketball team.

On the topic of healthy cooking Westgate adds, "I'm not just a chef, I'm also a fitness practitioner and I am excited to be sharing both of my life passions' with each one of you. The science of nutrition has changed the way I cook, and quite frankly, it has changed my life. I know it will do the same for you."